Privacy Policy

Last Updated: September 17 2021

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy ("Policy") explains how information about You is collected, used, and disclosed by Your access or use of this Site or otherwise as a result of Your interactions with Us. By visiting this Site directly or through another site, You accept the terms and conditions of this Policy. DevEvilBot ("DevEvilBot", "Bot") is the Discord portion of our service. The website ("Site", "Website", or "Dashboard") is the website. DevEvilBot or "We" (DevEvilBot and the Site) value your privacy.


By using the Bot you understand that we can collect data about you or your servers from Discord:

  • Usernames, avatars, and discriminators
  • Guild information (Roles, Channels, Members)
  • Message content, reactions and total messages sent
  • Voice (Record your voice)
  • This data is used to provide features setup in servers you are in.

    Data deletion

    You can request us to remove any data tied to you by emailing "" or de!delete-vc (For deleting your voice only) command.

    Data Use

    We may use data we collect to better improve the Site and to continue providing DevEvilBot to you. Your data can be used to improve Arcane and our Site.